First Autumn/Winter, to early September 2018

August is almost spring.

Who said there is no winter in Sydney. Antarctic chill started in early May, and old homes have character but no heating system. I didn’t bring enough warm clothes in the move from Europe and felt really cold.

But then this first winter was cut in half in late June by going to a conference in Europe. I missed practically the whole of July in Australia.

Time and place all mingle in your perceptions. Back to Europe after only 6 months, but from such a distance away, it felt a year had passed.

Carlo Rovelli - You Tube

Have you seen this?

Spacetime and the Structure of Reality: Carlo Rovelli

And when back August is almost spring!

Slowly slowly warming up, tiny flowers blooming among the winter trees.

Sydney Weather August 2018-averages

After a few months the new life becomes routine, and you stop noticing the eucalyptus and the waterfront. Away a few weeks and the beauty of Sydney is resplendent again under my eyes.

Conference season

In between July and August I have been to two conferences – ECIS in the UK, and then HIC when back in Sydney (jet-lagged).

At ECIS we had a poster, attended a workshop and it was a joy to meet everyone again, especially the team from Norway and colleagues from Leeds.

ECIS 2018

At HIC I presented a paper and it was shortlisted ! I was among three out of five presenters from CHSSR (Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research) and one of us (Melissa Baysari) won the prize, so:  celebrations!

HIC was a great opportunity to learn about eHealth in Australia – including the My Health Record debate (or political football?). And attended a demonstration of EPIC. And I am now a registered member of the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA).

My Health Record

{google news}

Research progress: Ethics, and the study begins…

Received approval from Ethics, both in London and in Sydney.

While preparing for interviews, the study begins with analysis of patient safety incidents from oncology paediatrics: 827 to go, through the lenses of mindfulness and interdependencies and e-prescribing, over and over again, re-reading, re-coding, re-assessing my own thinking…

‘‘… if the purpose is to achieve a safer healthcare system, then it is necessary to go further and reflect on what the incident reveals about the gaps and inadequacies in the healthcare system in which it occurred. The incident acts as a ‘‘window’’ on the system—hence systems analysis. Incident analysis, properly understood, is not a retrospective search for root causes but an attempt to look to the future’’. (Vincent, 2004)

Events and Seminars for this term


Vincent, C. A. (2004). Analysis of clinical incidents: a window on the system not a search for root causes. Quality and Safety in Health Care 13(4): 242-243.

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