A list of selected publications and presentations from the MindSElS project

last update: December 2019

Lichtner V, Westbrook JI. (2019) Collective mindfulness and processes of sensemaking in health IT implementation. In: Scott P, de Keizer N, Georgiou A, editors. Applied interdisciplinary theory in health informatics: a knowledge base for practitioners. 98-108. Available at:

Lichtner V, Franklin BD, Westbrook JI. (2019) Researching Collective Mindfulness and Health IT: A Framework and Translation to Context-Specific Questions. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics – Volume 265: Context Sensitive Health Informatics: Sustainability in Dynamic Ecosystems. 265:31-6. Paper presented at CSHI 2019 – Context Sensitive Health Informatics, Lille (France), August 2019. Available at:

Westbrook JI, Lichtner V. Why is measuring the effects of information technology on medication errors so difficult? (2019) The Lancet Digital Health. 1(8)PE378-PE379. [Commentary]

Lichtner V, Baysari M, Gates P, Dalla-Pozza L, Westbrook JI. (2019) Medication safety incidents in paediatric oncology after electronic medication management system implementation. Eur J Cancer Care; e13152. Available at: and

Lichtner V, Westbrook JI, Franklin BD. (2018) Pharmacy Interweaving Safety Within Hospital Health Information Technology. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics – Volume 252: Connecting the System to Enhance the Practitioner and Consumer Experience in Healthcare. 252:105-11. Available at: Presented at HIC 2018, Health Informatics Conference, Health Informatics Society of Australia, July 2018. Shortlisted for Academic/Scientific – Branko Cesnik Award presentations.

Lichtner (2019) Researching (collective) mindfulness with IT across distributed (medications) work processes. Presented at CHI – Centre for Health Informatics (Macquarie University) in March 2019.

Lichtner, V. (2018) Classifying technology-related medication safety incidents: reflections from three studies from UK and Australia. Presented at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care – Electronic Medication Management (EMM) National Roundtable (Tuesday 11 December 2018)

Lichtner, V. (2018) Opacity of information technology in distributed work: reflections on consequences for (collective) mindful control [research in progress]. Presented at RMIT research day on October 18, 2018, Melbourne