A list of selected publications and presentations from the MindSElS project

last update: May 2021

Final results from the project showcased on the EU CORDIS website: Minding clinical risk and patient safety via electronic systems (May 2021) CORDIS EU Research Results,

Lichtner V, Prgomet M, Gates P, Franklin BD, Westbrook IJ (forthcoming) Challenges of digital commons: a qualitative study of an automated dispensing cabinet in a paediatric intensive care unit, accepted at NI2020 (International Congress on Nursing Informatics) (postponed to NI2021)

Lichtner V, Prgomet M, Gates P, Franklin BD (2021) Automatic dispensing cabinets and governance of controlled drugs: an exploratory study in an intensive care unit, European J of Hospital Pharmacy, online first 11 May 2021

Lichtner, V. and M. Baysari (2021) Electronic display of a patient treatment over time: a perspective on clinicians’ burn-out. BMJ Health & Care Informatics 28(1): e100281

Zheng WY, Lichtner V, Van Dort BA, Baysari MT (2020) The impact of introducing automated dispensing cabinets, bar-code medication administration, and closed-loop systems on work processes and safety of controlled medications in hospitals: A systematic review. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. Accepted 4th August 2020.

Lichtner V, Franklin BD, Dalla-Pozza L, Westbrook JI (2020) Electronic ordering and the management of treatment interdependencies: a qualitative study of paediatric chemotherapy. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20(1): 193.

Westbrook JI, Li L, Raban MZ, Woods A, Koyama AK, Baysari MT, Day RO, McCullagh C, Prgomet M, Mumford V, Dalla-Pozza L, Gazarian M, Gates PJ, Lichtner V, Barclay P, Gardo A, Wiggins M, White L (2020). Associations between double-checking and medication administration errors: a direct observational study of paediatric inpatients. BMJ Quality and Safety. Published Online First: 07 August 2020

Lichtner V, Prgomet M, Franklin BD, Westbrook IJ (2020) The ‘back office’ of a dispensing cabinet: technology and work contributing to medication safety, Stud Health Technol Inform. 270:1405-1406. Proceedings of MIE2020, April-May 2020 – Conference cancelled because of COVID-19

Lichtner V, Westbrook JI. (2019) Collective mindfulness and processes of sensemaking in health IT implementation. In: Scott P, de Keizer N, Georgiou A, editors. Applied interdisciplinary theory in health informatics: a knowledge base for practitioners. 98-108. Available at:

Lichtner V, Franklin BD, Westbrook JI. (2019) Researching Collective Mindfulness and Health IT: A Framework and Translation to Context-Specific Questions. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics – Volume 265: Context Sensitive Health Informatics: Sustainability in Dynamic Ecosystems. 265:31-6. Paper presented at CSHI 2019 – Context Sensitive Health Informatics, Lille (France), August 2019. Available at:

Westbrook JI, Lichtner V. Why is measuring the effects of information technology on medication errors so difficult? (2019) The Lancet Digital Health. 1(8)PE378-PE379. [Commentary]

Lichtner V, Baysari M, Gates P, Dalla-Pozza L, Westbrook JI. (2019) Medication safety incidents in paediatric oncology after electronic medication management system implementation. Eur J Cancer Care; e13152. Available at: and

Lichtner V, Westbrook JI, Franklin BD. (2018) Pharmacy Interweaving Safety Within Hospital Health Information Technology. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics – Volume 252: Connecting the System to Enhance the Practitioner and Consumer Experience in Healthcare. 252:105-11. Available at: Presented at HIC 2018, Health Informatics Conference, Health Informatics Society of Australia, July 2018. Shortlisted for Academic/Scientific – Branko Cesnik Award presentations.

Lichtner, V (2019) Ultra-safe, collective mindfulness and electronic medication management systems in paediatric oncology. AIHI Seminar. Presented at Macquarie University, October 2019

Lichtner (2019) Researching (collective) mindfulness with IT across distributed (medications) work processes. Presented at CHI – Centre for Health Informatics (Macquarie University) in March 2019.

Lichtner, V. (2018) Classifying technology-related medication safety incidents: reflections from three studies from UK and Australia. Presented at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care – Electronic Medication Management (EMM) National Roundtable (Tuesday 11 December 2018)

Lichtner, V. (2018) Opacity of information technology in distributed work: reflections on consequences for (collective) mindful control [research in progress]. Presented at RMIT research day on October 18, 2018, Melbourne

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