Last four months of year One, to the holiday season 2018

No train to Uni – Kick-start of data collection – Presentation at RMIT – Presentation at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care  – Here a Twitter-like summary of these last four months…


No train to Uni

From 30 September for about 7 months Macquarie University train station and a few others are closed for railway upgrade. The commute to work is now train + bus.

bus replacement Oct 2018

…which reminded me of the usually invisible nature of working infrastructures…

Star - Infrastructures - p382

(Star, 1999)

A pile of papers is sitting on my desk, as it is now harder to make use of travelling time to catch up with the literature. And the work laptop travels back and forth with me as I try to work from home when I can.


Research progress, and starting with interviews!

In the meantime… research progressed. Analysis of the patient safety incidents continued throughout these months. Data collection began, with interviews with doctors, nurses and pharmacists using the electronic medicine management system. Learning about oncology protocols and complexities of clinical processes.


Visit at RMIT, Melbourne

Invited to present my research in progress at RMIT:

Opacity of information technology in distributed work: reflections on consequences for (collective) mindful control.

RMIT is in the very centre of Melbourne, twenty minute walk to Carlton and Fitzroy. A walkable city! full of arts and great food and old terrace houses.  I must go back to the National Gallery.

RMIT tweet of visit


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Invited to present my research at the @ACSQHC Electronic Medication Management (EMM) National Roundtable – Tuesday 11 December 2018

Classifying technology-related medication safety incidents: reflections from three studies from UK and Australia

Presentation at ACSQHC - Dec2018

Events and Seminars attended


  • Slow Academia Debate, Macquarie University, (4/9/2018)
  • Dr Cat Chatfield – Quality Improvement Editor, The BMJ: From the drawing board to the ward: how do you get clinicians to change their minds? (6/9/2018)
  • Dr Tony Badrick, Chief Executive, The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia Quality Assurance Programs (RCPAQAP): The role of Pathology External Quality Assurance in improving patient safety. (13/09/2018) (paper here)
  • Prof Howard Morris – President International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, University of South Australia: Sustainable Healthcare: Is Quality Pathology Key? (26/9/2018)
  • Professor Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Adviser at the Australian Digital Health Agency: The role of My Health Record in supporting safer integrated healthcare and our National Digital Health Strategy (28/9/2018)



  • Dr Yvonne Zurynski, AIHI: How implementation science helped to improve care for children with complex and chronic conditions (13/11/2018)
  • Wild Health Sydney 2018, a day long TED-like event with: keynotes by Enrico Coiera (@AIHI-MQ), Eyal Oren (Google Brain), John Halamka (CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess System) and presentations/debates about Australian experiences with health IT (20/11/2018)
  • Prof Erik Hollnagel: How can we learn from work that goes well? Or What happens, when “nothing” happens? (29/11/2018)


  • Prof David Silverman: The Quality of Interview Research – an FBE Public Lecture (6/12/2018)
  • Delivering Resilient Health Care: The 2018 Masterclass, with Professor Erik Hollnagel, Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Dr Robyn Clay-Williams (7/12/2018, a day long event)


And then it’s the holidays, everything closes so that everyone can go to the beach!

AUS Beaches

And I celebrate the first anniversary to my first landing in Sydney!



Star, S. L. (1999). The Ethnography of Infrastructure. American Behavioral Scientist 43(3): 377-391.

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