Interweaving safety work

This week I presented our research on hospital pharmacists interweaving safety with health information technology at HIC 2018 (HISA Health Informatics Conference, Sydney, 29 July-1 August). The paper was shortlisted for the Branko Cesnik Award.

Interweaving safety work enables to improve medication safety with digital technology, during ongoing patient care. This work is distributed across the staff of a pharmacy team, from pharmacists to technicians, support workers and even delivery teams, and it is done with a variety of digital systems involving supply and use of medications.

Below is Table 1 with more details than the one published in the proceedings, which had to be cut for formatting purposes.

Table 1 Medication processes: technology involved and pharmacy key steps for safety

Lichtner V, Westbrook JI, Franklin BD. Pharmacy Interweaving Safety Within Hospital Health Information Technology. Studies in health technology and informatics 2018;252:105-11.

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