Mid-September to December 2019 – last months of year two in Australia.

Fires started in late spring (was it October?) some miles from the NSW-QLD borders, and spread north and south, approached Sydney, while other fires joined them from the South. The air was smoked, dry, hot, red, the sun a red disk in the sky. Breathing was hard, especially at night, especially walking up-hill to the station. Waiting for the wind from the sea to clear the air, give us another day to be oblivious of planet hearth. But there is no forgetting that Koala are (claimed to be) now functionally extinct.

Keeping an eye on the flags on the Bridge. Wind of the North, Wind of the Sea. Will we be able to breath.

What a time to be in Australia

This is a short diary of the last three months of the second year of the fellowship. A time to wrap-up the studies in papers and reports, and plan for the return to Europe. I close these two years with 5 publications out (including a Journal), 4 rejections (some did/will be resubmitted), 3 manuscripts in the pipeline, ideas for further papers, 2 accepted at a conference, 3 under review, and 4 Ethics applications. Not that I count… (quality over quantity, always!) but the numbers help to put struggles in perspective. Of course, it’s been a team’s work – I haven’t been alone in my struggle.

The fastest two years. I wished I saw more of the country. The wildlife.

Well, it will be for another time.

Highlight of the three months: my AIHI seminar on the 10th of October.

It’s been a busy three months: working with Mirela to complete the report from the study of the Automated Dispensing Cabinet in the paediatric ICU (presented at the Study Steering Committee meeting); writing with Johanna the commentary for The Lancet; writing up the paper from the oncology study (new analysis of incidents); making submissions to MIE and  NI2020; rewriting the paper with Stan and Fede; contributing to HOFMI papers; contributing to Wu’s systematic review; participating in the harm panel and the set-up of the discreet choice experiment; planning the visits to Norway, Italy and France in 2020; looking for affordable accommodation in London (impossible!), and participating in AIHI social life, including a Christmas party on 28 November and a Thanksgiving at Erin’s new home.

Today is the 24 December 2019, vigilia di Natale. Officially my last day of work at MQ as Visiting Marie Curie Fellow. But collaborations continue, expect me back AIHI as honorary senior research fellow!

Events and seminars

  • Aged Care 2.0 – new ways of knowing and acting, AIHI event (18/9/2019)
  • Kathy Meleady & Ms Kim Stewart (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare): AURA (antimicrobial use and resistance in Australia) 2019 and the AURA Surveillance System (15/8/2019)
  • Jeffrey Braithwaite, Enrico Coiera and Robyn Clay-Williams TEDex presentations (17/10/2019)
  • Christian Mercado (The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark): From research to implementation – how to overcome challenges and barriers when implementing evidence based telemedicine solutions across the healthcare sector. Experiences from Denmark (21/10/2019)
  • Blackford Middleton, Toward useful AI / Cognitive aides in clinical practice at scale (29/10/2019)
  • Treatment overload: Lifting the burden of too much healthcare – Sustainability event simulation (Wednesday, 13 November 2019 2:30 – 6 pm followed by cocktail reception) with Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Elizabeth Koff (Secretary, NSW Health), and Professor Paul Glasziou (Bond University). https://www.healthsystemsustainability.com.au/news-events-and-participation/upcoming-events/

 (I was ‘the media’)

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