May to mid-September 2019 – year two continues…

May 2019 was waiting time, for research governance approval for the study of the automated dispensing cabinet in PICU. I found some of my notes from the time:

‘Research governance processes were distracting and frustrating – there was a lot of waiting and uncertainty – and I felt stressed that this month was terribly unproductive. But looking back, there were some – albeit small – achievements and all my studies are progressing. Using the waiting time for reading was also valuable’

Then suddenly we got approval, and I could start data collection. June, July, and the first half of August on and off at the children’s hospital to observe the use of the cabinet and talk with nurses and pharmacists (getting colds and waiting that they pass, to go back).

And learned to use WOMBAT.

Then mid-August Richard and I had an unexpected overnight visit to Canberra, a weekend away. I almost saw some kangaroos (in silhouette, up on a hill by the motorway, entering the city). Just before flying to Europe (via Hong Kong).  

Mid-August – mid-September: a few weeks in Europe.  

First to CSHI in Lille, with Melissa and her friend from Norway. Together wondering out of the hotel for breakfast at 5am, summer temperature sweetening the jetlag. Presented my paper on Researching Collective Mindfulness and Health IT. And Mel won best paper award for her paper!

Met Romaric and Sylvia and Marie-Catherine Beuscart-Zéphir. Met Tommaso Bellandi and Pascale Carayon (mentioning Tony Cornford in her keynote – yes, from sociotechnical as optimisation, to sociotechnical as emergent phenomenon).

From Lille to Lyon to attend Medinfo, enjoying the conference and especially the city.

Wonderful hotel. And I was there with Rebecca Randell, happy to share her successes!

And participated in the launch of Andrew’s book (our chapter in there).  

From Medinfo 2019, I am officially co-chair of EFMI HOFMI WG.  

Finally to Italy to see family. Got the flu, and pneumonia. Antibiotics, coughing and guilt, fear of spreading germs. Limited action. Looking forward to coming back to Sydney!  

Highlight of my staying at AIHI: seeing my name by the lift, what a surprise! A feeling of belonging sneaking in into my body… (And sharing the lift space with Baki Kocaballi). It must have been July, when I was busy at the children’s hospital.

..lately I have busy with data collection at the hospital and not often at my desk at AIHI, and when I went today I saw this at the lift! what a lovely surprise! @AIHI meeting and working with warm interesting people from all over the world #impactfulresearch

Seminars and events

  • Joel Lexchin, Conflict of interest in the Canadian healthcare system. (2/05/2019)
  • Reidar Lystad, Game of Academics: A Song of Science and Publicity. (9/05/2019)
  • Professor Siri Wiig: The patient died – what about involvement in the following regulatory investigation of the adverse event? Experiences from Norway  (7/8/2019)
  • A/Professor Lee-Fay Low (University of Sydney): Rehabilitation and dementia – current evidence and implementation aspirations (15/8/2019)

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